“From GreenGeekGirl:

The eternal struggle between doing the right thing and the easy thing.

It seems to me like “doing the right thing” and being environmentally conscious seems to take an incredible amount of green–and I’m not talking living green, I’m talking cold cash.  Those of us who have never made more than $11/hr (and that was the time I lived in Orange County, California), spending $4 on a tiny box of organic granola makes us die a little bit inside.  Nosing around green sites and green stores and seeing that “good for the environment” equals “good for retail markups” gives one who could never afford to live that lifestyle a “fuck it” kind of attitude.   I can’t afford organic chicken.  I can’t afford a house, much less to buy Energy Star appliances for it.  And yet, there is a nagging voice that tells me that it shouldn’t matter, because I need to do the right thing.

It dawned on me one day that, since rampant consumerism is a major part of the problem, perhaps buying new things is not the solution.”

That was my old “About Me.” Things have changed since I started this weblog–actually, my blog has changed, considerably. Now it’s about–well, whatever I’m thinking about. This weblog is home to my opinions, both informed and uninformed, rants, raves, recipes, and ideas. I may be offensive. I don’t plan to be, but if I feel it is the truth, I will speak without fear of offense.

If you comment, don’t be a dick. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong–but being a dick is worse than being wrong. I may have strong opinions, but I won’t tell you that I think you’re a moron–unless, of course, you keep pushing me. Then all bets are off. :)

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